huafu fashion-pg官网是哪个

huafu culture

huafu interpretation

the name of huafu derives from the five-thousand-year history and culture of china. “hua” embodies that huafu is deeply rooted in china, while “fu” is a character from the prose of the classical poem and prose of ancient times, the poem, classical volume, xiawu, which cites “success comes from creditworthiness and trust is from the wide public”, and therefore represents huafu’s belief in creditworthiness and reputation.

core ideas

>corporate mission:

care for people, color the world.  

>corporate vision:

to be the global fashion operator in textile garment industry

>core values

1. establish win-win mechanism of competition and cooperation among stakeholders oriented towards valued customers;
2. continuous innovation;
3. only the professional, dedicated, and specialist employees who share the values can keep the sustainable development of huafu;
4. create each day with love;
5. adherence to the virtues of righteousness, straight-forwardness, honesty, down-to-earth attitude, credit worth, and courage.

huafu song

1. love yourself, and pursuit for a better life.
2. love colleagues and be considerate and gratitude to others.
3. love huafu and be proud of working in huafu. try our best to meet customer demand.
4. love china, and make great contributions for a better and prosperous country.
5. love society and take an active part in community activities.
6. care for people, color the world. and provide the best products for customer.