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xinjiang aksu federation sent a cool, warm loving care huafu employees

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"you worked hard, as the family, i took the regional federation of trade unions greetings and blessings to visit huafu textile workers ... ...". august 8, aksu, xinjiang, deputy director of the national people 's congress working committee, the party secretary of the trade union party dili xatty ke ran wood team came to huafu aksu huafu base for the huafu grass - roots employees "to send cool," mineral water, watermelon, beverages, towels and a number of summer cooling supplies and legal publicity materials to the hands of employees, employees are happy, repeatedly thanks. "today, we in this hot summer is not only the receipt of goods, knowledge, more trade unions and companies to our employees care and encouragement, we will follow huafu, do a good job, with labor to create happiness. hot ziya wood excitedly said."send cool" activities, the regional federation of trade unions will lead a towel to the hands of employees at the same time, but also carefully understand the work of employees, living conditions, fighting the heat of the staff, fighting heat continue to adhere to the production post, showing good huafu spirit style and solid and strong pace of development in the hope that the implementation of high-temperature protection huafu work to further improve the work of staff care and that the regional federation of trade unions will continue to play the party committee and government links between the workers and staff link role, concerned about china the development of fu, huafu strengthen the humanistic care workers to help solve the practical difficulties of workers and create a harmonious and stable employment environment.

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